About Us

We are supporters of the original cause of National Gay Blood Drive. The original group that started this movement held an annual nationwide blood drive, it was for all gay men to attempt to donate their blood around July 10-12th.  The blood drive was to show in a peaceful manner how much more blood could be donated to our local blood banks if the gay population was not banned.

Progress has been made now instead of being banned for life the blood donation policy has been changed to a 12-month deferral for men having sex with men. We hope that more change is coming.

At www.gayblooddrive.com we aim to keep you current regarding the latest rule or law changes.  The latest testing methods and information for STDs or HIV. Any new information or new medication options for HIV we will write about.  Any new research that is going on or items being discovered we hope to present here.

An idea from one individual may not go far, but as a group, we can make a difference!