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Across America Blood Donation Event

The original National Gay Blood Drive group tried a peaceful country-wide stance in which normally eligible bisexual/gay male donors would show up to get tested at their local blood donation center and attempt to donate their blood.

As every donor is refused, their evaluation result will be taken, collected and passed to the FDA – visually conveying on a national level how much blood that the gay community could give to the blood supply if they lift their ban and change the current policy.


Blood Products Advisory Committee

The Blood Products Advisory Committee (BPAC) includes 17 Members who evaluate and review available information concerning the safety, efficacy and appropriate use of blood. Their contact information has been provided for you to reach out and tell them how you feel about the ban against gay/bisexual donors.

The Blood Products Advisory Committee (BPAC) analyses and estimates available data concerning the protection, efficacy, and proper use of blood, products obtained from the blood and biotechnology or serum that are meant for use in the determination, prevention, or treatment of human ailments, and, as required, or other products for which the Food and Drug Administration has administrative liability, also suggests the Commissioner of Food and Drugs of its conclusions.

The Committee shall include a core of 17 voting members with the Chair (and currently has some vacancies). The Center of the voting members may include one technically eligible member who is recognized with consumer interest. With the voting members, the Committee may consist of one nonvoting member who is distinguished with industry interest.

Blood Drive Petition

Please Sign The Blood Drive Petition

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Another group that has worked hard to raise awareness and bring about change is, Second Class Citizens.  We are not in a partnership and are not affiliated with this group. We just want to help raise awareness on this subject.

credit: Second Class Citizens

On this site, we will attempt to stay up to day with current law changes for gay men blood donations, HIV updates, latest research, and testing information.